Manchester, UK –The DDC Group, a leading global business process outsourcing and technology company has been recognized as the Outsourcing Consultancy Firm of the Year in The Corporate LiveWire Innovation & Excellence Awards Winners Guide 2023.

The Corporate LiveWire Innovation & Excellence Awards are the most highly anticipated and celebrated recognition within the global corporate community, highlighting firms and individuals that have introduced new methods and ideas in their industry over the past 12 months.

Over the past year, 27,515 nominations were received by the awards team at Corporate LiveWire from 34 countries around the world. Winners were chosen for industry recognition, innovative use of technology in research and development, branding, and most importantly service excellence.

“Each winner has made a substantial contribution to their sector with an innovative view to pushing business success and ideas,” said Awards Judge Osmaan Mahmood. “By harnessing people and technology, The DDC Group has proven to be the ultimate business process outsourcing partner.”

Founded in 1989, The DDC Group has guided clients through globalisation, market fluctuations, supply chain disruptions, and technological determinism to deliver modern, efficient, reliable, agile, and robust business process excellence. The company contains six business units operating across North America, Europe, and Asia with over 7,000 employees.

“We were first branded ‘Direct Data Capture’ before we became ‘DDC’ and selectively grew our portfolio of brands into The Group we are today,” said Group CEO and Co-founder Jan Trevalyan. “While remaining true to our roots, we also seize opportunities that would globally drive our clients and partners into the future.”

According to Trevalyan, striking the right balance of experience, expertise, and innovation has been key to helping clients achieve– and surpass– their goals.

“We found a way to leverage our scope and size to benefit clients at the individual level. Rather than providing boxed solutions with limited flexibility, DDC applies its best practices to prioritize tailoring programs- and products – to each client’s specific goals,” Trevalyan explained.

DDC’s breadth of resources, from proprietary workflows and innovative technology to industry-specific knowledge and strategic partnerships, allows DDC to deliver services in this agile and reliable framework, which maintains unyielding business continuity and service-level agreements despite market volatility.

“We look forward to seeing how they will continue to demonstrate their commitment in the future,” added Mahmood.

As well as the awards, this edition highlights how more businesses are introducing artificial intelligence (AI), and further developing this cutting-edge technology to help their customers. As a result, Corporate LiveWire look at how AI is aiding the financial sector in analysing big data, whilst infusing itself into a breadth of other industries – from sports and gaming to marketing and education.

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About The DDC Group

The DDC Group is a worldwide network of business process outsourcing companies with over 30 years of proven business process excellence, which has guided its clients through globalisation, market fluctuations and technological determinism.

The company’s wide array of resources, innovative technologies, proprietary workflows, subject matter expertise, and deep connections with key influencers in strategic regions and sectors allows its business units to deliver services in a uniquely flexible and reliable framework that maintains both unyielding business continuity and service level agreements despite market volatility.

Across all of DDC’s member companies, 5,000 industry-trained subject matter experts apply their decades of experience to achieve compelling results for each client globally. To learn more, visit