Manchester, UK — For 30 years, The DDC Group, a leading network of business process outsourcing companies, has proudly served clientele worldwide from production hubs in the Philippines, Bosnia, Serbia, and the United Kingdom. The DDC Group is honored to have reached this significant milestone.  

“I clearly remember in 1992 when I was asked by our founding president to join him to set up this office.” Aldin Surpia, General Manager of The DDC Group Leyte operation, recalls. “I didn’t know about computers. Megabytes and microprocessor was nothing to me, but who would know that an office like this would survive in Leyte.” 

The DDC Group strives to be pillars of the community, especially regarding acts of service. In 2020 when the pandemic hit, DDC did everything possible to keep the staff safe, including housing 20 of their employees’ families so they could continue to work and support them.  

The DDC Group is a successful global group of companies recognized as a leading business process outsourcer. “We are passionate about customer service and delivering innovative outsourced solutions that drive efficiency and profitability,” said Jericho Petilla, co-founder of The DDC Group.  

According to Petilla, this is done by optimization of a unique combination of onshore, nearshore, and offshore locations, driven by people and advanced technology. “The people who work for The DDC Group are proud to be a part of DDC,” explained Petilla, “They are actively engaged and motivated to make a difference for our clients.” 

About The DDC Group
With over 30 years of proven business process excellence, The DDC Group has guided clients through globalization, market fluctuations, and technological determinism since 1989. As a worldwide network of BPO companies, we possess a wide array of resources, innovative technologies, proprietary workflows, subject matter expertise, and strong partnerships with key influencers in strategic regions and sectors. Our uniquely flexible and reliable framework enables us to maintain both unyielding business continuity and service level agreements despite market volatility. Across all of our member companies, DDC’s 5,800 industry-trained experienced professionals apply their decades of experience to achieve compelling results for each of our clients worldwide. To learn more about The DDC Group and our brands, DDC OS, DDC FPO, and DDC AS visit: