To keep drivers safe during a pandemic, TEAR welcomes the support of corporate supporters like DDC FPO, Stuckey’s and Transfix to source and distribute PPE kits at truck stops across America.

To help provide personal protective equipment (PPE) to truck drivers moving in and out of hot zones to perform essential work, back office partner for the transportation industry, DDC FPO, has teamed up with Truckers Emergency Assistance Responders (TEAR), a 501c3 nonprofit organization founded with the mission to aid truck drivers in distress.

Pioneered by truck driver and trailblazer, Desiree Wood, TEAR has built and deployed a comprehensive network of corporate sponsors and volunteers to source, assemble and distribute PPE kits to truck drivers on the front lines.

“The drivers are so appreciative,” said Wood. “They spend all day by themselves and aren’t used to receiving anything for free, let alone being recognized. They are thrilled to receive the kits.”

Wood explained that because different states have different regulations, having the right PPE is critical: “There are over three million drivers out there. While we are only a drop in the bucket, every little bit helps.”

According to DDC FPO’s COO and President, Marissa Crotty, the company was seeking the most effective and quick way to help drivers stay safe amid the COVID-19 pandemic. When they reached out to clients for insight into what would have the biggest impact, the responses were unanimous.

“All of our clients reported that what the drivers need most is PPE. So, we were determined to find a way to do that,” said Crotty.

After having conversations with several potential partners – from world-renowned distilleries to mask production companies and other nonprofit organizations – DDC found TEAR. Crotty explains: “What Desiree has done is remarkable. She inspires us, and we are thrilled to be able to help her in this effort. This partnership is an honor for us.”

Each PPE kit includes masks, hand sanitizer, gloves, antiseptic wipes and snacks. The delivery process is well-coordinated and intentionally targets specific truck stops and rest areas to provide kits to as many drivers as possible nationwide.

“It’s huge having DDC’s support,” said Wood. “We simply don’t have the funding to make these kits, let alone to purchase the gas to drive the 120 miles a day to hand them out or even to cover the fee to print the Thank You notes.”

In addition to DDC FPO’s contributions, Stuckey’s Corporation and Transfix have also played instrumental roles in TEAR’s success.

“These partners help tremendously,” she added. “Truckers are first responders, and people are seeing that.”

Stuckey’s Corporation wanted to do their part to help others during the COVID-19 pandemic. CEO Stephanie Stuckey shared that she specifically researched what organizations are providing trucker relief and connected with TEAR.

“We love partnering with an organization founded by truckers that’s working for truckers,” said Stuckey. “I admire and respect these drivers and know how important they are to our supply chain, which is under strain like never before.” Stuckey’s is providing the snacks that are placed in each PPE kit.

According to Lily Shen, President & CEO of Transfix, the unfortunate reality is that while truckers are putting their health on the line to keep goods moving, many cannot access PPE and are being turned away from delivering essential goods because of it. “We are excited to have partnered with TEAR to distribute resources to truckers nationwide.” Shen said they continue to urge others to share PPE donations and advocate for policy changes that will help make these truckers’ lives easier.

“From the bottom of our hearts, we would like to thank each and every truck driver for being an essential part of the frontline,” said Crotty. “Thank you for the sacrifices you continue to make to keep delivering supplies to all parts of our country.”

If you would like to support TEAR and help provide PPE kits to truck drivers, please click here to donate now or complete this webform to request contact.

About Truckers Emergency Assistance Responders  (TEAR)

Truckers Emergency Assistance Responders (TEAR) is a non-denominational nationwide 501c3 charity relief fund to help truck drivers in distress that require immediate assistance due to carrier abandonment, wage theft, carrier retaliation, accident, weather, illness or injury that leaves a driver in sudden distress. To learn more, visit:


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