FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE | DDC FPO provides partners with a suite of expert multilingual customs brokerage processing services to ensure speed and accuracy at the border and absorb the burden of Brexit paperwork.

DDC FPO, a global provider of business process outsourcing (BPO) solutions for the freight industries, announces their multilingual customs brokerage processing services to the UK and EU transportation and logistics sectors as the Brexit transition period comes to an end this year.

Brexit’s forecasted disruptions to global trade highlight the demand for external customs brokerage processing expertise and business continuity among international freight forwarders and 3PLs. DDC FPO presents its new suite of services to the UK and EU market in order to support these companies impacted by Brexit and guide them on a clear, scalable, and manageable path forward.

“From paperwork to border plans, tariff coding systems, and more– potential Brexit-related changes to the supply chain during a pandemic may seem insurmountable,” said DDC FPO’s Global Technical Director, Richard Greening. “Before investing in hiring and training in-house staff for post-Brexit administrative tasks, consider your technology stack and workforce plan.”

The services – available in multiple languages – include Origin Data Capture, Import / Export Rating,  Invoice Matching, and Customer Contact. One DDC FPO partner who benefits from these services, a world-leading global logistics provider, reports less friction at the border and tangible improvements in operational efficiency, team productivity, data accuracy, and customs compliance.

“This is a unique opportunity for businesses to modernize systems, proactively adopt new solutions without capital investment, and simultaneously protect themselves from a flurry of Brexit and COVID-19 operational threats,” said Greening. “It’s not too late to be ready by 1st of January, but companies need to act now.”

By outsourcing, forwarders are able to shift the burden of understanding all of the new, intricate customs brokerage processes to DDC FPO while gaining significant advantages in terms of speed, accuracy, customer satisfaction, and resource allocation.

DDC FPO’s multilingual customs brokerage processing suite currently includes four primary services:

  • Origin Data Capture: DDC imports documents (like packing slips, insurance certificates, bills of lading, and purchase orders) from the point of origin, audits and ensures correct data entry for the shipment to begin its international route to its consignee.
  • Import / Export Rating: DDC identifies and corrects each tariff and tax declarations for every shipment, verifying that all fields are correct to avoid any setbacks and to confirm compliance with necessary customs regulations.
  • Invoice Matching:  DDC assigns shipments to the correct importer in the system and is capable of correcting customer information on behalf of the client.
  • Customer Contact: DDC’s multilingual customs agents are able to communicate directly with customers via phone, e-mail, text, and/or chat in many languages on behalf of the client. Languages supported include but are not limited to:
Albanian Czech German Polish Slovenian
Arabic Danish Greek Portuguese Spanish
Bosnian Dutch Italian Romanian Swedish
Bulgarian English Macedonian Russian Turkish
Croatian French Norwegian Serbian Ukrainian

“Despite external market forces, DDC FPO’s core strength lies in its ability to deliver bespoke solutions that help partners adapt and succeed on a global scale,” said Luna Boyd, Vice President of Client Solutions at DDC FPO. “Outsourcing customs brokerage processing is a strategic option for businesses looking to de-risk and remain agile post-Brexit.”

DDC FPO’s UK and Europe headquarters is in Manchester, England. To contact, please call +44 77 82610681, email or complete this webform.


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