The Solution

Knowledge process outsourcing (KPO) is a form of back office processing, but one that leverages knowledge and expertise to move the process forward. DDC can offer a range of knowledge processing services onshore, offshore and near-shore. From multi-lingual data capture, through to medical, engineering and financial administration processing, we have the experience and ability to manage these back office functions in a more efficient manner than many companies can complete them internally.


KPO could be considered an extension of business process outsourcing, yet it requires a much more skill driven process and very much has its own identity. The key with KPO is to leverage knowledge or expertise, which by its very nature makes it a more value driven endeavour than BPO.

Where the driver for outsourcing business processes is often about cost savings and speed and efficiencies, in contrast, the drivers for outsourcing knowledge processing are often about the availability of a workforce with the correct knowledge, experience and judgment skills.

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