In recognition of this day and to celebrate The DDC Group’s unique corporate culture, which spans North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific, the company’s three founders, Brett Trevalyan, Jan Trevalyan and Jericho Petilla, share in their own words what they feel makes our employees so great.  

It is clear from their responses that they feel, our employees being at the heart of the company, is the key to our business’s success. 


How would you describe The DDC Group Employees? 

“In summary The DDC Group employees are a dedicated hard working family group who believe in what we’re doing and where we’re going.” says Jan Trevalyan. 

 Brett continues, “The DDC Group was formed as Direct Data Capture Ltd some 31 years ago, and it is interesting to note that a surprisingly high number of the original employees in the UK, North America and, most especially, The Philippines are still with us today. As such, it is quite impossible to answer the question without using the word “loyal”.  

In a workforce that fluctuates between 5,000 and 7,000 people, it’s pretty difficult to use an overarching expression to describe everybody and every characteristic without sounding twee, but I think that “loyal” is evidenced and people will understand that this is a two-way process. As original founders we feel very loyal towards our staff in part because the employees have been very loyal towards us and, I guess, vice versa!”  

“We are so thankful to all of our employees within The DDC Group, globally, for their continuous dedication to our company,” said Co-Founder and President of DDC Philippines, Jericho Petilla.

What values do you feel our team epitomize? 

Consistency, quality, diligence, and strong values are what our employees demonstrate every day. We service our client needs by using the skills of our employees. In a nutshell, the employees ARE the company. 

“Your efforts do not go unnoticed,” continued Jericho. “We promise to continue showing support and giving back to the community we have built within DDC.”

What makes our employees different? 

Our staff have astonishing longevity as a group; Longevity brings experience and experience avoids mistakes. At the same time, the impressive growth of The DDC Group both in terms of employee numbers and employee seniority and accomplishment, continually brings in fresh thinking and smart ideas which help to keep everyone engaged and interested so that we do not become set in our ways. Our employees always work for our common good, with their customers and colleagues in mind at all times. 

 In the service sector, this is an unusually strong combination, and it certainly gives us an edge. The trick for the future as we continue to expand is to keep this “family” outlook and attitude even as we become more corporate. This will of course be a challenge, but so far, it’s going to plan. 

 In three words summarise the type of people that The DDC Group employs? 

Jan felt the key three words that summarised The DDC Group employees are dedicated, happy and diligent and Brett felt our employees are loyal, professional, and enthusiastic.  

Throughout this interview, Brett and Jan have shown that our company values also align with our employee’s values. To find out more about our company values click here.  

From the Founders and all of the Senior Management Teams across The DDC Group we want to say ‘thank you’ for your hard work and dedication to all within the company, today on National #EmployeeAppreciationDay.  

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