The Solution

A Leading Data Capture Provider

Companies receive data from a huge range of sources and in a wide variety of formats. Whether information needs to be captured from paper, image, online, email or direct to customer systems, The DDC Group has the data capture solution.

Manually entering data is a labour intensive process, and businesses often spend valuable time and expense capturing, managing and processing that data. Further, they may not take advantage of their data, unable to realise its full potential. Our services offer onshore and offshore options for customers requiring data capture, data entry and data management.

Data Capture, A Solution To Capture Your Data Into A Digital Mailroom

We employ a range of data capture technologies including OMR, OCR, and ICR applications. Where appropriate, we also offer manual keying from both the UK and The DDC Group`s extensive facilities in the Philippines and Central Europe. Within the group, we have the resources to offer data capture in a range of languages. View our DDC Multilingual Services (MLS) site to see our full range of language capabilities.

We also have the ability to apply OCR technology with onshore and offshore capture and can blend all three together under our hybrid data capture option, to match our client’s compliance requirements, time restrictions and budget.

These data capture processes are supplemented by stringent quality control and data compliance to ensure the highest possible levels of accuracy.

For more detailed information on this service and to see how it can benefit your business, speak to our in-country experts: