Case Study: Direct Marketing Response Handling

Client: Leading Dutch Utility Provider

About the client: One of the largest utility providers in the Netherlands that supplies electricity, gas and heating to its customers in the private and corporate sector, and uses direct marketing and telemarketing activities to approach current and potential customers

The company needed to digitally document and manage their data flow; from response receipt and processing to sending out confirmation letters, incentives, and outbound calls.

DDC Europe provided a complete, integrated solution involving digital mailroom and data management services, as well as a dedicated operational project management team.


  • Client is able to focus on progressive business aims to raise its competitive edge in the utilities market
  • Highly qualified, and dedicated project management team provides recommendations on current projects and implements new technological developments
  • Established secure web portals for agile, more efficient communication and data transport
  • Effective and efficient response processing with high-quality data analysis

The Client Said:
“With DDC’s extensive experience in the direct marketing sector and their strong reputation for comprehensive project management, it was clear that we should make them our partner. Since rollout, we have seen significant cost reductions and savings paired with exceptional quality of service.”

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