The client

Top professional sports and entertainment ticket provider selects leading business process outsourcer to strengthen customer intelligence through unique, tech-enabled and labor elastic analytics program.

The challenge

Tix City offers tickets for thousands of sporting, family show, concert and theater events throughout the United States. Founded in 1981 shortly after the Meadowlands Sports Complex first opened, Tix City has grown from a part-time operation into one of the leading marketplaces in the ticket industry.

It is Tix City’s goal to provide fans a safe and secure place to buy tickets for events across the country. They pride themselves on having the best seats at the lowest prices throughout the ticket industry.

Visit to learn how they are a market leader in the ticket industry. Tix City continues to look for ways to boost ticket sales and draw new fans in an ever-competitive marketplace.

“DDC hybrid business model and custom-tailored solutions combined with flexibility, efficiency and cost savings make us a great fit for many clients and sectors; the sports and entertainment industry fits very nicely into those criteria.”

The solution

The solution consists of a unique database program and software procedure developed by The DDC Group to produce customized analytics reports that will equip Tix City with insights into buyer behavior, ultimately enhancing the customer experience while growing brand loyalty.

The benefits

  • Reduce Customer Attrition
  • Improved Relationships
  • Protecting & Enhancing Future Growth
  • Improved Efficiencies, Time Saved, Costs Reduced
  • Maximise Resources
  • Utilise Data


Tix City, a leading marketplace in the ticket industry, has selected The DDC Group, a leading global business process outsourcing (BPO) solution provider, as its new analytics partner to streamline its intelligence gathering and reporting functions. The custom-designed solution will provide Tix City with new time and cost efficiencies, as well as higher quality data, in support of its overall business model.

The DDC Group develops and produces customized analytics reporting to equip Tix City with insights into buyer behavior.