The client

TicketCorp goes beyond traditional secondary ticket providers to deliver a more captivating and immersive live entertainment experience. Through a proprietary platform, TicketCorp allows event-goers to conveniently purchase tickets, connect with friends and other fans, and order schwag 24/7/365, without the hassle of long lines – all within one mobile application. In addition to enhancing the live entertainment experience for consumers, TicketCorp also provides private label opportunities to business organizations interested in leveraging custom-branded live entertainment platforms.

The challenge

TicketCorp is a very lean organization and, as such, was struggling to pull together the necessary resources needed to bring their concept of what a live entertainment application should be to fruition. Additionally, due to the ongoing nature of app development, TicketCorp was in search of a long-term, collaborative partnership rather than a short-term vendor relationship.

After an exhaustive evaluation process, which consisted of analyzing roughly 10 potential service providers, TicketCorp had identified the organization that would help to support this undertaking. However, before entering into the development phase of their project, TicketCorp realized that their selected provider wasn’t equipped to deliver the level of service and support that this project required.

Now in search of a new partner, TicketCorp was looking for an organization that not only possessed the expert skillset required for this project but also possessed the passion, openness and willingness to invest in TicketCorp’s vision.

"We spoke with peers and partners in the industry that we respect and quickly realized that DDC was the best option. DDC FPO improved the overall efficiency of BTC through highly efficient digitizing, capturing and processing bills of lading, invoices and other critical documents for companies across the global freight industries."

The solution

After receiving a referral from a trusted and credible source, TicketCorp chose to engage with DDC USA.

TicketCorp partnered with DDC USA in its infancy, and although no key performance metrics or goals had been established at that time, DDC USA was tasked with playing an integral role in bringing TicketCorp’s vision to life. From brainstorming and strategizing to planning and executing, DDC USA’s goal was to take ownership of "the build" so that TicketCorp could free up internal resources to focus their efforts on further refining the platform and its user experience (UX).

To achieve this vision, TicketCorp leveraged DDC USA’s digital service, DDC Digital Solutions (DS), which allows organizations to outsource their digital and marketing needs to offshore production resources for a fraction of the cost required onshore.


  • More Than 200 Successful Digital Projects
  • Ongoing Technical Maintenance
  • Expertise In iOS and Android Mobile Development
  • Client-Oriented Approach To Every Project
  • Accurate Testing
  • Mitigate Errors and Discrepancies
  • 24/7/365 Online Support
  • Faster Turnaround
  • Excellent Customer Service


TicketCorp has been able to realize greater internal efficiencies and cultivate a long-term, collaborative relationship with DDC USA.

When discussing the impact of their engagement with DDC USA, TicketCorp explains that they’ve been most excited and encouraged by the fact that they’ve finally found a vendor who isn’t stuck on simply delivering a product. DDC USA’s proactive approach and commitment to developing a product that not only meets, but exceeds, the vision and standards set by TicketCorp has been critical to cultivating such a strong and successful partnership.

Both TicketCorp and DDC USA have had the opportunity to learn, grow and adapt together, and, consequently, feel as though they are separated by desks – not miles.

DDC’s team works very collaboratively with us to strategize, brainstorm ideas and execute without trying to pigeonhole who we are or simplify their job by creating the same type of app that already exists. We are learning, growing and developing this app (and even TicketCorp company) as a single, cohesive unit and THAT is the key to our success.”