Multimedia Response Handling

The DDC Group offers a complete multimedia, any-format response handling suite to maximize your data, whether the content is:

  • Campaign feedback (donations, completed sweepstakes forms),
  • Business archives (patient medical records, customer files, credit reports), or
  • Research processing (documented findings, published works, scholarly journals, survey participants).

No matter if communications are paper-based, or electronic such as email, web contact form, fax submissions, or images, we leverage multi-channel capabilites, advanced technology and decades of expertise in data processing to reduce costs, increase efficiency and improve the visibility of your critical data.

How It Works

  1. In the client discovery phase, DDC gathers business rules about sorting, scanning, indexing etc.
  2. We receive the documents in a method most preferred by the client.
  3. A meta file is created of all documents received.
  4. Handle and sort the documents.
  5. Scan the documents on a high volume production scanner according to the instructions of the client (DPI, file form (PDF, TIFF, JPEG, ETC) colour vs black/white, etc.).
  6. Optimize the documents.
  7. Test the batch.
  8. Process the information (including manual processing of the non-recognizable information).
  9. Do quality control.
  10. Deliver the results in a format as desired by the customer.
  11. Evaluate the process.

* We know that sometimes it can be difficult for clients to part with their data, that is currently stored in-house. DDC works hard to develop customized processes that carefully considers and meets the requirements of every concern our clients may have - whether it requires special transport, on-site scanning or even photocopying the documents to be digitized.

More About Digital Archiving

Where the practice of traditional archiving seeks to preserve physical objects (e.g., artifacts, samples, paper, photographs, microfilm) that carry information, Digital Archiving from The DDC Group seeks to preserve the information regardless of the media on which that information is stored.

As computer disks and other magnetic and optical media degrade, the information on them is lost unless it has been moved to other media. We understand that software and hardware standards change rapidly, and that the physical media on which digital data are stored are impermanent. We leverage unique methods to ensure secure access to and long-term preservation of digital data.

The overall goals of digital archiving are simple:

  1. Permit easy and wide access to digital archaeological data for cultural, educational, and scientific purposes.
  2. Ensure the long-term preservation of digital data so that it remains accessible for appropriate uses in the future.

Digital Mailroom

The DDC Group's Digital Mailroom component is designed to eliminate the handling of inbound paper, email, fax and web communications specifically for our clients who rely on direct mail for their marketing and fundraising efforts. By pushing or pulling the receipt handling in to our secure facility, our highly qualified staff digitizes mission-critical, inbound communication for our clients and compiles all data in the format preferred by the client. By leveraging software custom-written by our VP of IT to specifically meet customer requirements, we deliver the information requested with additional visibility and guaranteed turnaround times and accuracy rates.

DDC Host

To bring this solution full-circle, The DDC Group offers a cloud-based document management and retrieval system, DDC Host, is searchable and accessible 24/7/365 on any web browser.

  • Unlimited global system access with any standard web browser
  • The most comprehensive, permission-based security protection available today
  • Customized online reporting with any format downloads
  • Point and click with minimal training requirement
  • Full support service and help desk available

Nonprofit Banking & Thanking

The DDC Group enables nonprofit organizations to function without the operational and managerial burdens associated with back office administration.

We work with charities to provide campaign response handling through streamlined support. We sort, batch and capture data and process donations in all their forms to ensure a cost effective solution so that nonprofits can focus on the cause at hand.

The DDC Group’s custom-designed programs process millions of dollars in donations, memberships, subscriptions and orders every year for our nonprofit clients worldwide. Click here to learn more.

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