Business Process Outsourcing

The DDC Group has been custom-designing knowledge-intensive business process outsourcing (BPO) solutions since 1989.

Between all the BPO companies, our clients hand us specific business functions or departments to strengthen their business processes for a streamlined operation that can play a more critical role in their long-term business plans.

Over the past 25 years, The DDC Group has stayed ahead of the market to create end-to-end BPO solutions and business process services that protect our clients from fluctuations in the economic landscape, prepare them for the technology-fueled globalization era, and set them up for future organizational health and profitability.

Business Process Outsourcing Services

Customizable BPO solutions from DDC include:

The DDC Group takes a boutique-style approach to every project.

We conduct in-depth discovery procedures to fully understand the root of our clients' desires for improvement inside and out within our business process outsourcing services. Then, we custom-design solutions that are specific to the wants, needs, goals and concerns of each client. We achieve compelling results for our customers, including 40% cost savings by revenue adjustments, 90% accuracy improvement and >100% improvement in straight-through processing rates, just to name a few.

We equip our clients with these stronger, more strategic business processes by way of experience, global reach and technology. The DDC Group personnel are industry-trained, and staff are promoted from within. As a family-oriented company, The DDC Group is proud to have HR stats such as 100% US project management retention and life-long employees.

With seven divisions and a team of 3,500 spread across the globe, The DDC Group is a true worldwide network in business process outsourcing. We leverage the strengths and unique talents of each division and lean on each other to provide the best possible customer service that is scalable, elastic, around-the-clock and results-driven.

Let's Get Started with our BPO company: Contact a representative from The DDC Group today.

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