DDC Goes Dutch

Oss, Netherlands/January 18, 2006 The DDC Group acquires Fedaso, (Netherlands) from Wegener Direct Marketing In an all-cash deal, DDC and the local management team acquired the business and assets of Fedaso (Netherlands) from Wegener Group in June of this year. The newly-acquired company will be renamed as DDC Europe and the Dutch management team lead by Aime Cruysbergs will remain in place and in control of the day-to-day activities of the new organisation.


15th Anniversary News Update

London, UK / April 25, 2004 -- Our 15th year finds us in the middle of a mini-revolution in terms of offshore outsourcing in general and Business Process Outsourcing in particular and this newssheet in many ways reflects these dramatic changes. DDC has not gone untouched by the tidal wave of interest in "offshoring" Ð we surpassed 2,500 staff in 2003 and look set to exceed 3,500 by the end of 2004. The growth in our offshore operations is being supported with new onshore resources and we hope to be able to report even more progress in this area in our next briefing.


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