BPO: A Value Proposition

We recently sat down with Colin Gray, the managing director of our Worksop-based division, DDC OS, to explain how business process outsourcing is so much more than heads-down labor arbitrage.

Can you begin by giving some background on The DDC Group, in terms of its history and where we are now?

The company was established back in 1989, and even then the focus was very much on data capture – though in those days it was essentially teams of people keying data from paper into data entry terminals. Of course, we can and do still provide some of those projects, but the industry has changed immensely. As a company, we have ridden along with waves of technology, both offshore and onshore, and grown along the way.


4 AP Trends to Plan For

According to the Aberdeen Group, streamlined, best-in-class Accounts Payable operations will process an invoice, on average, in about one-sixth of the time, at about one-twelfth of the cost, of so-called “laggards” in a similar situation. These forward-thinking, best-in-class organizations are realizing the value that comes with automating processes as they are fully experiencing the benefits and functionality it brings to their organization, as AP departments can now allow staff to focus more on strategic activities.

One of the most significant drivers of automation in today’s business place is the fact that organizations are continually asked to “do more with less.” The economic whirlwind of the past few years has forced even the most-successful organizations in their field to revisit exactly how and where their money is spent. As a result, rather than adding headcount or additional infrastructure, more and more forward-thinking companies are curbing the negative effects of paper-centric processes by leveraging automation solutions.


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