Claims & Care Management

DDC eliminates the high operational costs, rampant errors and delays in posting caused by paper-intensive, antiquated provider and carrier practices. Our custom-designed solutions combine subject matter expertise and advanced technology to equip partners with streamlined, more strategic business processes.

Our integrated, effective EOB processing tackles the healthcare industry’s long Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) and high percentage of uncollected receivables head-on. We accelerate the process, cutting costs immediately and improving productivity significantly. Our partners use the new efficiencies - control and visibility - that we equip them with to process payments faster and leverage unique insights for long-term business planning.

Other Claims & Care Management solutions include:

+ Remittance Processing   + Medical Record Conversion    + Billing & Coding    

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Healthcare RCM

We partner with top healthcare revenue cycle management companies to enhance their customer service rating and strengthen their service offerings.

"We are very pleased with the project and the team at DDC. The customized solution is very impressive and sped up the rate of output from the beginning. Our dedicated project manager is responsive, diligent and accessible. She and her data entry team have improved the quality of our data and turn around time so that we are able to exceed our deadlines. Most importantly, we trust DDC."

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