Case Study: Medical Records Conversion

Client: Convergent USA

About Convergent USA: Convergent is one of America's largest revenue cycle and receivables management companies, with twelve operating centers across four time zones. The company has more than sixty years of experience in contact center solutions, commercial receivables management and healthcare revenue cycle management.

Convergent looked to outsource in review of their business operations and realizing that handling and managing reams of paper is not within its core competencies nor worth the time and costs that the team dedicated to it each day.

DDC analyzed Convergent's internal, paper-based business operations and created an end-to-end preparation, scanning, indexing and data capture system. With onshore project management and offshore processing, approximately 300,000 pages are digitized monthly for Convergent by their required 24-hour turn around time.


  • Rent, utilities and other storage costs eliminated with the shut down of extra facilities
  • Accurate and thorough quality control even with last-minute requests
  • Client is now able to tackle larger projects with increased workflow capabilities

The Client Said:
"With DDC, all issues associated with cost, efficiency and accuracy have seen improvement. They have also exceeded our expectations in the quality of work with minimal to no mistakes and the amount of time taken to produce data files. Importantly, the number of new accounts we can enter into our system is exceptional, and much more than we could ever do on our own."

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