Sales & Services in the UK:

Simon Bates Project Advisor and Manager, DDC Ltd +44 (0) 1785 604991

Sales & Services in the US:

John Eisele VP of Sales, North America (East) (770) 653-5052

 Chad Crotty

 VP of Sales, North America (West)  (303) 674-0681, ext. 103

Sales & Services in Europe:

Jean Pierre Vandoren Managing Director, DDC Europe B.V. +31 (0) 412 696441
Thomas Daling Commercial Manager, DDC Europe B.V. +31 (0) 412 696420

For all Project Management Inquiries Please Contact:

Quetura Hudson

 VP of Project Management   

(770) 644-7232 

For all Accounting Inquiries Please Contact:

Marissa Crotty  President, Finance and Operations  (303) 674-0681, ext. 102 

For all Media Inquiries Please Contact:

Madison Jordan  VP of Marketing and Communications  (303) 674-0681, ext. 101 


You are always on the go, so why not make your company mobile-friendly, as well? DDC DS is focused on making solutions that work for you with cutting-edge application development.

In today’s world, it is hard to keep up with technology. DDC DS has created a specialized solution that will allow you to take your company on the go with laptop, cell phone and tablet-friendly applications.

Be it Android, iOS or Windows Phone development… DDC DS ensures that you and your clients have access to your company's back office solutions in the palm of your hand.


Our specialized team of designers bring solutions that will streamline your look and allow your company to confidently display its’ greatness.

Branding: A streamlined brand will allow people to easily recognize your company. Effective branding goes beyond a simple logo; it encompasses everything from your company’s history, vision, mission, logo and website to your customers’ overall experience. Our team of specialists will help you create a brand strategy and produce company brand guides to ensure that everyone on your team remains consistent.

Design Logos: A logo is extremely important to your business. It helps you stand out and attract the right customers. Whether you are looking for a logo for a new product, service or for your company, we have created a system that will ensure the design will work for your company’s image.


DDC DS web solutions was created to enable our clients to showcase their company and services.

Web Design: Your website is your chance to impress potential customers. Whether you need to start from the ground up or amplify your website, DDC DS creates customized systems that will enable you to go from an idea to reality. We will integrate visuals and engaging features like videos, plugins and graphics, so that you can capture and delight the attention of your prospects.

Mobile Friendly Websites: In today’s world, websites need to be mobile friendly. By making your website mobile friendly, you will not only reach more people, but you will help build your company’s credibility, rank higher in Google searches and show your customers that you are on the cutting edge of trending technology.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): SEO can be a tricky animal. Studies show that SEO has a higher return-on-investment (ROI) than traditional forms of marketing like print advertisements. SEO not only helps bring in business traffic and create more visibility for your website, but it helps your business provide credibility. With our certified SEO specialists, we will create a stronger brand presence for your company –ultimately enabling you to make more sales.

Google Adwords: Our Google Adwords specialists make Google advertising work for you. The pay-per-click (PPC) advertising system will help deliver the ROI and lead results that you are looking for.

Online store: E-commerce is taking over so many industries and over 55 percent of consumers now do their shopping online. Fully maximize your profits and take your product or service to the web with an online store.

Online Ticket Sales: Whether you host large events or a secondary ticket service provider, integrate online ticketing to your website and have a streamlined way for your customers to buy/sell tickets.

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