Banking & Thanking

The DDC Group processes millions of dollars in donations, memberships and subscriptions every year to enable nonprofit organizations to thrive without the burdens commonly associated with back office administration.

Focus on What Really Matters

DDC works with charities to provide campaign response handling through streamlined support. We sort, batch and capture data and process donations in all their forms to ensure a cost effective solution so that nonprofits can focus on the cause at hand.

  • Efficient Payment Processing | We employ a number of solutions, including donation form scanning and telephone donation handling, to improve the efficiency of charity payment processing. Speed and accuracy is essential, converting donations into usable funds for charities to execute their campaigns in dynamic markets.
  • Management of Customer Expectations | With government funding competition growing, there is now a growing emphasis on the successful management of customer expectations to secure future donations. Thanking and Banking from DDC enables donations to be processed whilst providing the customer with assurance; expectations can also be managed through inbound/outbound customer support helpline.
  • Increased Flexibility and Compliance | Restrained by changing regulations and fluctuating funding levels; it is imperative for nonprofits to adapt to their ever-evolving environment whilst remaining compliant to industry regulation. Our document scanning and archiving software enables full audit trails, whilst our streamlined donation handling solutions enable us to easily manage fluctuations in volumes.

Each Nonprofit is Unique

The ways in which organizations manage and communicate with their supporters are often driven by their customer relationship management systems. These are often designed and developed specifically with the charities’ needs in mind. Because of this, we have built a flexible system that can provide reporting and data processing to match each group’s specific requirements.

Donation Data Capture

Our flexible, high quality, high capacity document scanning capability helps reduce costs and improve efficiency. We scan all forms as a standard part of our processing model allowing for immediate retrieval of images, which aids any internal and external queries that may relate to any given record.

Innovative Gift Aid

When your organization has embarked on a fundraising campaign and the donation forms come rolling in, you’ll need to know which donations qualify for gift aid. Let us take the strain and help you reduce your costs; our expertise and technology allows the comprehensive review of every single donation form to make sure it is a valid Gift Aid declaration.

Our gift aid scanning and verification processing service makes submitting Gift Aid claims to the Inland Revenue Gift Aid Scheme much simpler and more efficient. It also helps your charity conform to Inland Revenue guidelines, making retrieval of otherwise complex donor information straightforward, secure and trouble free.

In addition, you may take advantage of DDC Host, a cloud-based document management solution providing supporter services and finance teams with instant access to all scanned documents, regardless of format or source.


What Our Clients Say

"Our results have shown a dramatic increase in numbers of transactions processed within a 24-hour period and at a lower cost. We have been working together for over five years, and DDC continues to be a great partner."

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