Corporate Overview

The DDC Group is a worldwide network of business process outsourcing (BPO) experts and solutions. Originally founded on the bedrock of low-cost offshore data processing in 1989, the company has guided clients over the past two decades through innovation cycles, and now boasts a diverse offering of technology-enabled, knowledge-based solutions.

With seven divisions and 3,500 employees worldwide, our hybrid on-and-offshore service model delivers tailor made projects for clients in 20 languages and ahead-of-the-curve industry standards.

The DDC Group's extensive network across North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific fosters a unique environment for global collaboration and problem solving for our clients. Our wide array of resources and deep connections with key influencers in strategic regions and sectors allow us to be the most flexible provider on the market, granting on-the-fly, large-scale project adjustments that result in zero loss of revenue for our clients.

Our focus on finding the most cost-effective strategy for each client to simultaneously eliminate errors and waste results in 99% improved data quality, obviated superfluous business expenses, and substantial boosts in overall productivity. The DDC Group guarantees solutions that deliver the results our clients want, with the customer service they deserve.